”Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it”. Henry David Thoreau


Port Agency

Ever conscious of understanding and meeting the requirements of our clients’ needs, MH Bland continues to develop its ‘One Network – One Solution’ concept and has expanded its Port Agency presence at all ports in the Strait of Gibraltar, mainland Spain, the Canary Islands and Morocco.

Marine Servcies

The principal stevedoring company as well as the leading provider and operator of supply vessels, workboats, and barges. Gibraltar’s leading marine service provider, we have the ability to receive, store and deliver supplies, spare parts and lubricants to vessels in the Bay and Strait of Gibraltar.

MH Bland Offices in 3 countries
Ships pass through the Strait of Gibraltar



The Marine Division of the MH Bland Group consists of a team of consummate professionals working together to meet the individual needs of each client. While our reputation is founded on 200 years of service to the industry, we are dedicated to continually enhance our quality of service and real-time reporting in a highly competitive industry throughout our ever-expanding Port Agency Network in Gibraltar, Iberia and Morocco”.

George Gaggero

Deputy Chairman


The advantage of having a physical presence throughout the region is that it allows Principals to transfer the delivery of services from one port to another at short notice. MH Bland Port Agency benefits from an extensive IT and communications infrastructure that enables us to maintain contact with our clients, any time, every day. 

”I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”. Baltasar Gracian



The Port of Gibraltar is a key port at the entrance of the Mediterranean. It has excelled in the bunkering sector over the last decade.

Gibraltar has numerous bunker suppliers that effect deliveries both at anchorage and ex-pipe. A wide range of fuel grades and distillates are available. Barges are equipped with the latest equipment achieving delivery rates of up to 1000mt per hr.


MH Bland opened an office in the fast developing port of Algeciras in 2002. It’s container terminal, ferry links with North Africa, coal terminal and refinery have made it one of the fastest growing ports in Europe, offering a wide range of services.


With a 2000-year history, the Port of Barcelona is today of great commercial importance as one of Europe’s ports in the Mediterranean.  Together with Tarragona, to it’s south, Barcelona is Catalonia’s largest port.  It is also Spain’s 3rd and Europe’s 9th largest container port and is managed by the Port Authority of Barcelona.


The port of Cartagena, is the fourth national port in freight traffic after Algeciras (Cádiz), Valencia and Barcelona and in front of Tarragona, Bilbao or Huelva. It occupies the eighth place in relation to the number of cruises. 60% of the exports and 80% of the imports of the Region of Murcia are made through the Port of Cartagena. More than 40% of the tourism that Cartagena receives is through its port.


The port of Huelva is located on the Southern Atlantic Arc of Europe, near the Strait of Gibraltar, on the crossing between the North-South and East-West shipping routes, in an area of significant geostrategic value. Huelva is a natural estuary port with an area of protected waters covering 1.120 ha. It is the port with the largest area free for concession in the state port system with 1700 ha. It has 8.5 km of public and private docks.

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