HSSEQ & Compliance

HSSEQ: Statement of Quality

As service providers we recognise the dual importance of our employees and our extensive assets and equipment. In order to properly care to each, we operate a Quality Management System that plays a central role in ensuring that we train our employees and maintain our equipment to the highest standards required by regulatory authorities and clients. Furthermore, the Quality Management System plays a key role in ensuring that the service we provide to clients is continually improved

Quality Management

The group operates an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System which is subject to constant monitoring by a full time HSSE & Quality Manager and is audited both internally and externally.


HSSE Arrangements

MH Bland & Co Ltd formally commits to complying with all applicable occupational Health and Safety legislation, Environmental legislation, codes of practice and other requirements, and to continually improving its HSSE arrangements and performance by:

• Promoting HSSE awareness amongst those working on our behalf.

• Adequately assessing work activities by identification of hazards and evaluation of all HSSE risks.

• Developing and implementing safe systems of work and introducing effective control measures to protect the health and safety of all who may be affected by our work activities.

• Minimising risk to health through the provision and maintenance of suitable plant, buildings, facilities, equipment, personal protective equipment and the provision of safe systems of work.

• Providing safe arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances.

• Implementing effective HSSE communication mechanisms.

• Providing adequate and appropriate supervision, instructions, training and information to enable our employees to perform their duties, including the use of any provided safety equipment, and clothing, without risk to their health and safety, or the environment.

• Implementing effective arrangements to ensure all employees can access competent Health and Safety advice when needed.