Whilst MH Bland’s roots are in the maritime industry, the company has always strived to be at the forefront of Gibraltar’s tourism industry.  Today we continue to invest and expand our interests at home and abroad. 

The Cable Car will soon undergo a major refurbishment programme, Calypso Tours is increasing its services providing excursions to cruise liners in the Iberian Peninsula and Cuba and MHB Travel Services is connecting with the travel community using the latest online tools.”

John A. Gaggero



The company has created an imaginative portfolio of tours and excursions in Gibraltar, Spain, Jamaica, Cuba and Morocco


The brainchild of John G Gaggero and built by MH Bland in 1966, the Cable Car is one of Gibraltar’s top tourist attractions, carrying passengers 412m to the Top of the Rock in approximately 6 mins.

Within the Top Station complex visitors enjoy not only the most spectacular views over the town but also views of 2 continents; Europe and Africa, 2 bodies of water; the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and 3 countries; Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco. They have the opportunity of enjoying a quick bite to eat at the Top is the Rock Cafe offering a fresh variety of drinks and snacks  or a delicious brunch, lunch or cocktail at the unique Mons Calle Suite Restaurant and Bar. There is also a shop where visitors can purchase a unique gift or souvenir before heading into the Upper Rock Nature Reserve to explore all it has to offer including St Michael’s Cave, Great Siege Tunnels, interesting footpaths and Gibraltar’s newest attraction, the Skywalk.

No visit to the Rock is complete without seeing the famous monkeys. A pack of wild Barbary macaques roam freely around the top station which is also an excellent vantage point from which to view the many migrating birds that use the narrow Strait of Gibraltar as their annual crossing point to and from their winter nesting grounds.


Located within the Cable Car Top Station, the Mons Calpe Suite Restaurant and Bar is the most amazing place on the Rock to enjoy a delicious brunch, lunch or cocktail surrounded by the most spectacular panoramic vistas.

The Mons Calpe Suite is also one of Gibraltar’s approved venues where weddings and partnerships can be held outside the registry office. The stunning views and exceptional services will make any wedding truly unforgettable. 


MH Bland Travel Services caters for all aspects of travel related services. Our philosophy is simple: We offer quality service and value for money.

With over 25 years of experience MH Bland Travel Services is an IATA registered travel agency and a member of the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Standard.

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