Cartagena General Information

The Port of Cartagena, is the fourth national port in freight traffic after Algeciras (Cádiz), Valencia and Barcelona and in front of Tarragona, Bilbao or Huelva.
It occupies the eighth place in relation to the number of cruises. 60% of the exports and 80% of the imports of the Region of Murcia are made through the Port of Cartagena. More than 40% of the tourism that Cartagena receives is through its port. 

  • Key Geostrategic Position

    The Port of Cartagena, reference port for south east Spain (2nd placed in liquid bulk traffic, 4th in total cargo movements and 6th in dry bulk trade) has a key geostrategic position in the communication routes between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean which makes it one of the natural entrance routes to Europe.

  • Two Inner Habours

    The Port of Cartagena is divided into two inner harbours: Cartagena Inner Harbour and Escombreras Inner Harbour. First one deals with general cargo, containers and the tourist cruises ships and the second one with dry & liquid bulk cargoes.

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